Feeling Sick, Tired, Old and Exhausted?
Overstressed and Overwhelmed? 

  • Are you exhausted and relying on caffeine and sugar to give you the energy you need to get you through your day?
  • Have you suddenly gained a few pounds, particularly around your mid section?
  • Are you getting sick more often?
  • Do you have less patience than you used to?
  • Does it seem as if you’re aging much quicker than before?
  • Do you feel like you have “brain fog,” where you don’t feel as sharp or clear as you once did and are you forgetting details that in the past were easy to remember?
  • Are you having digestive issues like gas, bloating and discomfort?
  • Are you noticing changes in your hair, skin, nails and overall sense of well-being?
  • Have you lost your sex drive, has your sleep or menstrual cycle changed and are everyday tasks requiring more effort than before?
  • Has stress become more difficult to manage and is it harder to be productive and stay on task?
  • Have you “lost your mojo?”

Most of these symptoms don’t just “show up” as we age. They’re often due to an accumulation of factors that Dr. Debi is ready to help you identify and correct.

Dr. Debi is proud to offer services in FDN (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®) which detects the root causes of health complaints like these and more. (You can learn more about Functional Diagnostic Nutrition by clicking here .

So often we just treat the symptoms and hope the issue goes away only to find it reappear in a different symptom somewhere else. Wouldn’t you rather identify the real cause that’s creating aging, weight gain and illness so you can eliminate it once and for all?

Your current health issues can all be due to a variety of internal and external stressors causing many different illnesses, symptoms and conditions…which can be healed and eliminated.

Through non-invasive lab tests sent right to you along with a program to heal, Dr. Debi will work directly with you to identify the underlying conditions that have created your main health complaints. Then, you’ll work together to bring you back to optimal health, wellness and vitality.

You’ll begin with an brief consultation where you can privately share with Dr. Debi the health challenges you’ve been experiencing. Based on the outcome your session, Dr. Debi will recommend and send you (within the US) the appropriate test that may identify challenges you’re facing; the ones most likely holding your health hostage. From there, she’ll work with you on a protocol for healing and repair…allowing you to not just reduce your symptoms, but to create your best health yet.

Schedule your private session with right now and get on the road to optimal health!

Receive Your Test Kits and a Private Session to Go Over Your Test Results for Only $500.00

*Note: There’s an additional fee of $212 that goes directly to the lab to run the tests.

Don’t wait another minute feeling sick, tired, overweight and old.

You can create your best body, health and life starting right now and looking forward to helping you get there.

If you’d like to be tested, please contact Debi@PBTInstitute.com and we’ll get you started!