The Inner Circle

Welcome to Dr. Debi’s Exclusive Inner Circle!

Sometimes we need more specialized support, direct access to a coach/teacher/therapist/mentor/someone who gets it because she’s been through it too, along with a supportive community of like-minded people around us to help achieve our goals quicker and more effectively.

That’s exactly why I created the Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle is a hand-picked group of like-minded women with the intention of getting “unstuck” so that they can move forward from their betrayal which has been holding them back physically, mentally and emotionally.  You know it’s an unhealed betrayal if:

  • You’re hesitant to trust again so you’re unwilling to open yourself up to a new relationship
  • You’re still dealing with exhaustion, gut issues, anxiety, sadness, anger, excess weight or a host of other challenges betrayal can create
  • You’re stuck in your work or other activities because your unhealed betrayal destroyed your confidence and self-esteem

These are just a few of the “leftovers” an unhealed betrayal can leave in its wake and you deserve so much more.

To help yourself heal from your experience, you may have read a few books, done some research, maybe saw a therapist or health professional, tried a few other things – it’s helped to a degree and it got you this far. The study I did on how women experience betrayal-what holds them back and what helps them heal clearly showed exactly what women need in order to fully heal-body, mind and spirit.

So if you’re ready to heal and would benefit from my help along with the support from a few hand-picked women, join us for a powerful four (4) month Inner Circle experience which includes:

  • An Inner Circle 2-Day workshop with your Inner Circle group at the PBT Institute ($2,500 value)
  • Weekly PBT Support Calls with Dr. Debi to have your questions answered while receiving support and accountability (calls are recorded so you can submit your question ahead of time to be answered on the call if you’re unable to attend)  ($3,200 value)
  • Monthly private “laser session” calls with Dr. Debi to have your specific and personal question answered ($200 value)
  • A private Inner Circle Facebook Group so you can stay connected and receive support from your other circle members (priceless)
  • Bonus: The Betrayal to Breakthrough program-our proven system to move through the stages of betrayal ($697 value)

Enjoy additional support with your breakthrough:

  • A one month supply of our Lifestyle kit which includes deliciously healthy nutrition bars (Chewy Chocolate Brownie and Double Dark Chocolate), our shakes (Lean and Healthy Vanilla and Energizing Chocolate), along with daily multi support pack supplements delivered automatically to you (US only) ($221. value)
  • Inner Circle status discount which give you to receive a 20% discount on additional programs such as:

→ Bio-Energetix Wellness, Adrenal Testing, Certification Programs, even our 3-phase supplement line!

Studies (including my own) proved that support is so important because it:

  • Improves our health
  • Gives us a sense of connection
  • Allows us to feel that we’re not alone
  • Gives us the benefit of the “collective mind” which amplifies our progress when we’re working together towards a common goal
  • Creates a sense of unity and strength when we need it most

While support is important, it’s equally as important to have the right group come together: a hand-picked group who can all benefit from being with one another. Let’s face it, we’ve all communicated with people who don’t understand the challenge of betrayal.

Wouldn’t it be great to be in a group with high-level, like-minded people who understand, and can support you…

There are only 15 spots available and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

What’s the price you’re paying to stay sick, sad and stuck? How’s it impacting your health, work, finances and relationships?

To see if you’re a fit for this special group, please send your name, email and phone number to Debi@PBTInstitute.com  and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Let’s get you feeling great again,

Dr. Debi