I’ve been having lots of conversations lately and here’s what I know for sure. It’s NOT just the huge and traumatizing betrayals that impact us physically/mentally/emotionally.


The: “I didn’t see that coming” betrayal
The: “micro-betrayal”
The: “Don’t worry about it” betrayal
The: “It’s no big deal” betrayal
The: “I thought I was a part of the group-why did they exclude me?” betrayal
The: “Why are they using my info and not giving me credit?” betrayal
The: “I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again and I just did…WTH is wrong with me?!” betrayal
The: “I’m up for that promotion-how could I NOT get it?!” betrayal
The: “I thought this product was good for me, it has THAT in it?!” betrayal
The: “I’ve been saving and now it’s time to use that money…Wait, where did that money go?!” betrayal
The: “I’ve put myself last and now it’s my turn…then it isn’t” betrayal
The: “I’ve done everything to be healthy…how could I have this disease/condition?!” betrayal
The: “I’ve been such a great friend and now I’m struggling…where are my friends?” betrayal
The: “I’m happy to give/support/be compassionate…how could they take advantage of me like that?!” betrayal
The: “How come the minute I made my purchase, I couldn’t get a hold of them anymore?” betrayal
The: “Why didn’t they tell me about all of those extra, hidden costs?” betrayal
The: “Why didn’t my doctor warn me that this drug is addictive?” betrayal
The: “I spent the last few years training this person, how could they take my info/clients and leave?” betrayal
The: “I’ve been doing business with them for years, why didn’t they tell me about this change?” betrayal
The: “If we’re supposed to be equals, why aren’t we being treated equally?” betrayal

I can go on and on. They’re impacting how you look, feel, live and perform and after having over 6,000 people take the Post Betrayal Syndrome quiz, the proof is clear. Time may heal lots of wounds, but when it comes to ANY type of betrayal, time eases it, but doesn’t heal it. They all hurt, they all need healing. Have you experienced any of these or any I haven’t mentioned? Let me know!

Dr. Debi

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