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Through our Practitioner program, you’ll have access to the tools, strategies and support needed to help those struggling to heal from a painful experience with betrayal. Our Practitioner training involves 3 steps:

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    Our Betrayal to Breakthrough program is the prerequisite to Practitioner training so we can walk you through the 5 stages from betrayal to the place of Post Betrayal Transformation (the healed state which differs from healing from other life crises discovered in Dr. Debi’s study). While we have a more robust version of the Betrayal to Breakthrough program (including private time with Dr. Debi, live Q&A in a private Facebook group and more), the home study version of the program offers the information you need in order to understand the material at a much reduced rate. We’re assuming you don’t necessarily need or want the extra support that someone experiencing betrayal may need but if so, please let us know so we can support you.

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    Once the Betrayal to Breakthrough (home study) version of the program is complete, you’re ready to begin the Practitioner training which dives in more deeply to what your clients/patients are likely to be experiencing. In addition to the 7 modules and resource library included in the training, you’ll have access to worksheets, assessments and experiential activities you’re welcomed to use with your clients/patients. You’re also able to access the program modules at your own pace.
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    Once you complete the modules, you’ll complete a brief quiz demonstrating your understanding of the material along with a case study portion that’s done directly with Dr. Debi.

After the Betrayal to Breakthrough program, the Practitioner training, the quiz and case study are complete,
you’ll become a Certified PBT Practitioner! 

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Betrayal to Breakthrough Home Study Program


Practitioner Training Program




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