“Debi was an excellent addition to our Women Leaders Conference. She has tons of energy and is passionate about her topic. She is also lovely to work with from a logistical standpoint—everything we needed from her was on-time and flawless! We loved working with her.”

Mary Piwaron, Program Manager School of Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Everyone needs a little Debi in their life! She exuberates energy and has her audience fully engaged. Her presentation was enlightening and powerful. Debi is a true confidence builder. She causes you to think outside of the box, to challenge your fears, and realize that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.”

New York State Society of CPAs- Nassau Chapter Women’s Focus Group

“As the keynote speaker to our annual Women’s Conference, Debi commanded the room from the moment she began! She proved to be knowledgeable and approachable to our diverse population of attendees while sharing relatable stories and answering audience questions.  It is quite evident that her commitment to women’s empowerment is steadfast and sincere and the feedback on her presentation was phenomenal! Looking forward to Debi’s continued success and working with Dress for Success Brookhaven and the Division of Women’s Services.”

Sharon Boyd, Executive Director Dress for Success Brookhaven

“Debi provided inspiration and motivation for our attendees – they loved her! She was fantastic to work with and her professionalism shined through the entire planning process.”

Marsha Flanagan, Vice President of Learning Experiences, IAEE

“Thank you SO MUCH for speaking to our Women in Business attendees. The room was filled with energy and enthusiasm. You helped us to provide tremendous value to our members. We invited Debi Silber to be a presenter at our Women in Business Networking Breakfast. Over 150 members attended this program and the feedback we received was very encouraging. If you are looking for a keynote speaker, coach, partner, Debi is highly qualified to help you reach your full potential. She empowers you by example, knowledge, experience, and her strength will become your strength. Debi is a dynamic speaker and can capture your undivided attention for hours. I highly recommend Debi.”

Angela Kubisky, Morris County Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation at the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce women’s Forum, a few weeks ago. You were such an inspiration to me and the audience on your story and your motivating words. It’s not hard to believe , why you are successful. Women who attended the forum, are still talking about you!”

Allyson F. Catanzaro and the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce

“Debi Silber is an inspiration! Her passion for helping others see their truth as she takes them through their darkness into the light, is truly a gift that makes her stand out from all the others. She does it with love and compassion making everyone she meets feel just as important as next. I am truly blessed to have Debi Silber in my life.” 

Barbara Califano-Badler Co-Founder WHITELIGHT 1111

“Your energy, passion and presence exude inspiration, confidence and love. I was extremely impressed with you, your message, its delivery and the energy it created in the room. You are an up incoming national figure, and I’m glad I got to know you now-in a couple of years it would have been much more difficult, I am sure! Thank you again, I look forward to the next time.”

Alex Lubarsky, CEO, Health Media Group, Inc.

“Debi, we need to thank YOU for adding such love, light and energy to a very successful night. People have not stopped texting and mentioning how great of a time they had. You’re the best!”

Paul Saladino, Heart and Soul Event with Bestselling Author Gary Zukav

“Debi Silber is a jewel – and simultaneously a rock. As an up and coming top speaker, Debi has the pizzazz and the enthusiasm in front of an audience that we all want in a speaker – but more importantly she has the skill for her audience to greatly benefit from their time with her. This is one of those speakers that is not on stage to tell you what she knows, rather she is there for the audience to get what they most want.”

Teri Hawkins, National Speakers Club, CEO

“Debi provided inspiration and motivation for our attendees – they loved her! She was fantastic to work with and her professionalism shined through the entire planning process.”

Marsha Flanagan, Vice President of Learning Experiences, IAEE

“GRATEFUL…THANKFUL….EMPOWERED….a few words to end the day. I had the pleasure of celebrating Nurses week today with my peers at St Mary’s Healthcare system for children. I was part of organizing this celebration for some of the most EXTRAORDINARY men and woman. They are the nurses and nurse practitioners that go above and beyond the call of duty. They put themselves last, go the extra mile and never look for recognition. We were blessed to have Debi Silber and her daughter Dani Max on location. Debi’s speech was full of such truth and insanely motivational. Unless you nurture your inner self you will never be at peace!! Plug up those holes and become UNSHAKABLE!!!!! Thank you Debi…you are a blessing on this earth!!”

Josephine Pizzuro, Community Programs, St. Mary’s Hospital for Children

“Thank you for your great presentation during the Power Plenary Session. This is a yearlong effort, and we always try to do better the next year than the year before. Your being here and delivering your Power Plenary speech as you did added to the excitement of the day. You helped us to achieve the goal of including an empowering message about health, wellness, fitness and being unshakable. I know that you had a huge crowd and as I watched from the back they were all very engaged in your talk. It was a pleasure to have you here for the 20th Women’s Summit. I know that your remarks left an impact on all who heard you speak.”

Kati Machtley, Director, The Women's Summit, Bryant University

“Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation to our group! I heard a lot of touching feedback on it that warmed my heart. A lot of the women really resonated with what you said and felt a lot more freedom within their journey back to health because of it. One woman in particular listed you as someone she really felt connected with and it made her weekend!”

Robin Shirley Founder, Take Back Your Health Conference

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your speaking on Saturday at the Brookhaven Women’s Conference. I’m grateful for your encouragement and I’m taking my time … I owe it to myself to be truthful and have a great life. So I’m choosing today to commit to that!  Thank you for that awakening! I’m up! I’m paying attention and it’s not the coffee… it was your words!!! 🤗👍 My biggest lesson in life today, at the age of 40, after finishing cancer treatment just 2 weeks ago is …….   ok. Drum roll,,,,,   it’s ok to put me first! It’s ok to take time for myself, to fill myself up so I can be the best me for ME, and then for everyone else I love so much!   You can imagine …. 40 years of doing the same thing ….. it becomes a permanent script for your life?  Or at least I thought it was ..??? That is until I met you Debi!!!    I’m excited to know that I can rewrite the story, and nothing is permanent as long you condition your mind to stay open, receptive and renewed to all of life’s gifts!  It’s ok and refreshing to embrace change!!! I now am beginning to see that my biggest life crisis really could be my biggest lesson in life! Thank you again! And be well keep bringing light into this world!! You have a beautiful gift! Peace, love, health, and abundance to you and your family!”

Alison, NY

“Debi’s talk with our staff was very insightful. She is a wonderful wealth of knowledge and an inspiring motivator for wellness and health. I highly recommend bringing her into your organization.”

Charlie MacLeod, President, SMM Advertising

Debi thank you so much for coming to speak to our group! I had a tremendous amount of positive feedback on a very personal subject! It was just what we were looking for! Thank you so much.”

David Stewart, Executive Vice President, Sales – MGA, Financial Horizons Group

Thank you so much for agreeing to conduct one of the American Heart Association Long Island Go Red For Women Workshops. We received wonderful feedback from the attendees. They left your workshop feeling inspired. Thank you again uniting with us to make a difference for women now and for future generations.

Anne Thorsen, Regional Director, Long Island, Go Red for Women Luncheon, American Heart Association

“Debi Silber is to health what Bentley is to automobiles: The class of the field, powerful, effective, and a stand out in any crowd. She helps you stay healthy holistically—body and mind, emotions and intellect. Being around her is like being around a Life Force. Thanks so much for your contribution and appearance at my convention. You light up the place, and I greatly appreciate it.

Alan Weiss, PhD, Author, Million Dollar Consulting, Million Dollar Maverick, and over 60 other books

“It was such a pleasure to meet you and to get energized in the middle of a long day! I’ve only had a brief glimpse at the evaluations but one comment regarding your presentation stood out to me: ‘High Octane!’Not sure I could top that one! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us – looking forward to reading your book.”

Patricia Bruder, Linchpin Solutions

“Thank you to Debi for speaking at the September 25th , Insider Secrets For Successful Leaders panel discussion at the Westin in Morristown, NJ. Debi’s segment was truly engaging and energizing. I received rave reviews from all the attending members. Debi gave us real life takeaways we could apply to our own leadership styles within our organizations. She also gave us easy ways to keep our energy levels high throughout every day also adding to our own leadership effectiveness. Debi has always been extremely inspirational to the Women in Business group of the Morris County Chamber and we were grateful to get her caliber of expertise.”

Lisa Carver, Morris County Chamber of Commerce

“She was a hit! We are excited about including her in future programs and I would recommend companies hire her for additional speaking engagements! Thank you Debi for serving our clients.”

Neen James, NSA Winter Conference Co-chair at National Speakers Association

“Thank you so much for your energetic, inspirational presentation today. The employees really enjoyed your lecture. I received a lot of positive feedback, one employee stated, “I really feel inspired!” I am hoping to re-schedule you to speak at one of our off site locations, at the employees request.”

Carol L. Cohan, Winthrop University Hospital

“Extraordinary people come forth to help others reach their human potential and Debi Silber does this for her clients. She is an expert in her field and will have a dramatic impact on you or your company due to her inherent Mojo that is infectious, pure, and powerful.”

Allison Gaughan - Founder of Corporate Prana

“On behalf of the American Cancer Society, I would like to thank you. The response from our guests was overwhelmingly positive. It could not have been such a great success without your participation in leading the ‘You and Your Nutritional Relationships’ workshop.”

Susan Pickering, Director of Special Events, The American Cancer Society

“You are such an amazing woman – I was delighted to have the chance to meet you and feel your positive energy! You helped so many people with your talk today.”

Christine Osvald-Mruz, Lowenstein Sandler PC

“After working with Debi, my team has become more energetic… both physically and mentally. Debi has made a great impact to our body, mind and business results. I recommend Debi to any business owner or manager looking to optimize their workforce.”

Brian Auerbach. Managing Director Center for Wealth Preservation A Member of MassMutual Financial Group

“Debi came to my law firm to help us all get our “mojo” back. Debi truly delivers. She is an inspiration to us all. She is compassionate, lovable and clearly devoted to her work. I highly recommend her for personal coaching as well as corporate seminars.”

Karen Tucci, Lewis Johs Avallone Aviles, LLP

“I was so grateful to have Debi Silber present at the Women’s Innovative Network. She helped us understand that we can all reach our goals of looking and feeling better by following some basic guidelines. Our members appreciated her up beat attitude and sincere interest in our well being. I highly recommend her as a dynamic speaker and motivator for women who want to be their absolute best.”

Mary Simmons, Founder, Women’s Innovative Network

“In my professional and collegial capacity, I am delighted to have had the opportunity to attend Debi Silber’s presentation here at Molloy College on Thursday, March 7th. It was wonderful to see how engaged and attentive our students were in hearing Debi’s message. Debi displayed her expert enthusiasm, commitment and passion to help people achieve their ultimate body, mind, image and lifestyle goals so they can become their personal and professional best.”

June Hinton-Doyle, Dir. of Career Counseling, Molloy College

“Thank you so much for coming in to meet with us! The talk you gave was inspiring and really struck a chord with all of us! I heard nothing but positive feedback about all of your tips. Thanks again!”

Stephanie Ciantro, Mackoul & Associates, Inc.

“Debi Silber delivered a motivational and energetic presentation to our employees. She offered sound advice on lifestyle changes pertaining to diet and exercise. Our employees truly were inspired by her words, enthusiasm and her own success. She is a special person who has demonstrated that it is possible to juggle the responsibilities of a family, everyday tasks and a career, and that the catalyst for doing so begins with outstanding health and happiness.”

Robert Micera, SPHR, Director Human Resources Margolin, Winer & Evens LLP

“Deb’s program was full of energy, enthusiasm, and passion. She is sincerely focused on finding for her clients, that ”delicate balance in life”. Whether it’s through weight loss, fitness, lifestyle changes, or self improvement, Deb’s dynamic approach truly wowed our audience. We could hear a pin drop as the crowd was engaged, motivated and most importantly, eager to learn more. We thank you Deb, for such a wonderful and inspirational evening.”

Dix Hills Jewish Center

“Recently Debi Silber spoke to AWC members about how to Look, Live and Feel Like a Leader and the feedback was outstanding. Members felt like they were re-charged, re-focused and more determined to be the best version of themselves. Thanks Debi!”

Beth Veney, Communications & Programs Manager, Association for Women in Communications

“Thank you so very much for putting together such a wonderful presentation. Your energy and spirit are contagious!”

Dorothy Forte and The Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer

“We were fortunate to have Debi as our moderator for an important wellness event. She was a great draw for our organization and created a meaningful, empowering experience for all attendees. We received great feedback and are working on future workshops as a result. We all took home a signed book and are following many of the tips together. I cannot say enough about the mojo Debi brought to our event. She is a great motivator!”

Michelle Stack, Development Executive UJA- Federation of New York

“Debi Silber is an expert at building winners”

Bill Walsh, CEO/Founder of Business Coaching Venture Capital firm Powerteam International

“I want to thank you for your WONDERFUL presentation last night! Your energy, exuberance and enthusiasm were contagious and the information was practical and invaluable to the moms who attended and myself as well! Thanks again for your time and sharing your expertise!”

Karen Kaplan, MS, RN - Perinatal Education Coordinator - Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center

“Debi spoke at one of our career transition events and she was so inspirational. The crowd lingered on every word! She is not about what she does, but more so, who she is, her experiences, her honesty. That is the reason her words are so powerful and motivating. I would recommend her to speak at any corporate event. Debi has the ability to uplift the spirits in the room and you leave feeling revitalized.”

Mary Canty, Agency Recruiting Director Center for Wealth Preservation, A Member of the MassMutual Financial Group

“Thank you! The program was exactly what we had in mind and was well received by our entire staff. I have been getting emails and phone calls from many staff members who were not only motivated by your words, but were very touched by your insights into how to become the ‘real’ them. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Daniel Appel, Senior VP VIP Health Care Service

“Debi was the speaker at an event I chaired; work/life balance. What made Debi stand out in my mind was her, energy, knowledge and what she did with the attendees before the event started which was that she went around, found out what they were most interested in hearing and then spoke about that particular topic, “STRESS”. She was funny and was able to keep the audience involved. I know we will be working together again.”

Aida Visakay, CFP, CEO, CEO at AxisPointe, LLC: Employee Benefit Advisors, AxisPointe Inc.

“Debi Silber is a POWERFUL speaker! She is an expert at what it takes to have work and life balance. Very inspiring, motivating, great energy, insights and empowering information we ALL need! We received wonderful feedback from our group. And truly look forward to having her speak again in the near future!”

Paulina Lopez, Women’s Prosperity Network

“You ended the Smart Meeting on a high note. You were lively and vibrant.”

Marin Bright, Founder/CEO and Donna Labriola, Director of Meetings and Events, Smart Meetings

“As a co-founder of the 21st Century Women’s Leadership Program we are always looking for talented female leaders who can inspire and motivate our clients at both our public events and corporate client events. Debi did just that. 50 women sat mesmerized by her story of how she overcame adversity to create a life that now helps women ‘get their mojo back’. We were delighted with her delivery, approachability, honesty and ability to customize her presentation for our clients.”

21st Century Women’s Leadership Program

“Thank you for your generosity and your enthusiastic participation!! You were professional, engaging and poised. I was thinking… wow, so this is what a great speaker sounds like! Not only did I think your presentation was outstanding but I loved how you effectively impacted our audience. I got a lot of positive feedback from my attendees and volunteers about how much they loved your talk. So thank you again for doing what you do and I am very grateful to have found you.”

Mark Chabus, Adelphi University

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation at the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce women’s Forum, a few weeks ago. You were such an inspiration to me and the audience on your story and your motivating words. It’s not hard to believe , why you are successful. Women who attended the forum, are still talking about you!”

Allyson F. Catanzaro and the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce

“You have been divinely blessed with a gift of sharing from your heart. Thank you for giving us a wonderful interview and thanks for giving your life to help solve real world challenges.”

Chaplain Oscar Smith

“Thanks so much for coming to our event! This comment is from a participant who works for a large community hospital. She said, ‘immediately upon returning to the office I recommended Debi for our next fundraising event.’She said she has already passed on your information to the event organizers”.

Stacey Abate, President, Grant Professionals Association, New Jersey Chapter

“Thank you for a wonderful evening! They absolutely loved you! As expected you presented a high energy program chock full of great information, “aha moments” that kept us salivating for more. I hope this will be the first in a series of programs we can provide to this wonderful group of healthcare providers.”

Fran Ross Gurwin~Fay J. Lindner Residences

“Debi was the featured presenter at one of our women salon discussions at Gucci Americana about maximizing your impact- how to look, feel and live like a leader. She inspired the diverse crowd of women to look at their simple every day actions that can dramatically change how they view themselves and their potential as leaders. She was fabulous! I am looking forward to partnering with her on other opportunities that inspire women across Long Island.”

Stacey Scarpone, Executive Director Women’s Fund of Long Island

“I LOVED YOUR TALK! Your inspirational words and practical motivation help us remember the importance of getting up and getting out and getting on with life!”

Jean Lachowicz, Executive Director for Together We Can Change the World

“I just saw Debi speak and I got to tell you, Debi…amazing. She really has an incredible ability to connect people’s hearts and minds to their business, life and make it meaningful to you. That’s really tough in a big room full of people with big audiences, big crowds to stand out and be able to really connect with people. She does it really, really well. If you haven’t checked out Debi Silber, you really need to!”

Robert Hubbs, coauthor of Leaking Money

“You were fantastic. You really are insightful and have a comprehensive program that integrates mind-body-spirit. I would be honored to work with you with my clients.”

Dr. Sarah A LoBisco, ND, Designs for Health

“Debi Silber is as real as it gets! She brings all the elements essential to inspire, inform and motivate anyone to get their mojo back and does it with humor, high energy and that intangible “it” factor – an outstanding speaker.”

Dr. Georgianna Donadio, Program Director, National Institute of Whole Health

“As our Gala Master of Ceremonies, your dynamic delivery kept us alert and involved; we marveled at your energy and enthusiasm. It was a very rewarding experience for me and all our guests. Thank you for sharing your time, your knowledge and your sense of humor.”

Kathy De Rosa, President, The De Rosa Foundation for Colon Cancer Research and Prevention

“The NAPW Nassau County Chapter had the pleasure of Debi Silber speaking at our meeting. Over the next 40 minutes, Debi gave insightful, real life examples to get out of our own way and set our individual priorities-priorities that will enable all of us to thrive in business while improving our healthy, lifestyle and sanity. A tall order but her genuine wish to reach out and assist all attendees was refreshing to see and be a part of. The meeting had all the right ingredients: it was informative, engaging, with humor and good advice to boot. We look forward to future presentations.”

Eileen Eckhardt, Vice President, Nassau Chapter NAPW

“We had Debi present to the women of our firm on how to be “their better self”. It went over very well. Very inspiring and motivational!”

Cindy McLoughlin, CPA, Partner Cohn-Reznick

“Debi Silber is an amazing presenter! She had our attention for sure! What a fantastic presentation she gave last night to the Suffolk County Women’s Business Enterprise Coalition. Debi spoke to our group of professional ladies about balance in our lives and getting our “Mojo” back!!! Great advice and lots of laughs!!! Thank you Debi!”

Jeannine Tayler Stack, SCWBEC

“The associates really enjoyed your lecture. The topics you addressed are truly inspirational and inspired some change in us all. You motivated us to look deeper within ourselves to realize the root of our stress and how to fix it so it does not affect other areas (i.e. health and fitness). I will definitely be ordering your book and recommending it to family and friends.”

Michelle E. Cohen, Esq., Certilman, Balin Adler & Hyman, LLP

“The process of living encompasses successes and failures, employment and job loss, healthy and broken relationship and many other beginnings and endings. As a featured speaker, Debi educated our group on the impact that stress on our bodies and the science behind the impact. Debi is both an engaging and learned speaker who shows us all that we don’t have to live that way any more!!!”

Lauri A. Christiansen

“I want to personally thank you for a wonderful presentation. Your skill, energy and knowledge was refreshing and educational.”

Socrates Sakell, Co-Chairman, American Society for Training and Development, LI Chapter

“Your talk to the Long Island Senior Executive Networking Group was inspirational! As you know when someone is downsized and are In transition their confidence goes out the window and fear becomes a dominant force in their life. Your talk on the balance of Body, Mind, Image and Lifestyle was “right on” and helped them realize the importance of dealing with their fears. The exercises we learned gave us very specific ways to move closer to our goals! To say the least, the group was thrilled with the energy you brought to the meeting! Thanks for your support.”

Jeffry S Peterson CFO/Chief Operations Officer, Advanced Back Technologies

“Debi Silber recently spoke for The Ultimate Life Company. She is enthusiastic, inspiring, and fun! I would recommend her to be a speaker for any organization.”

Linda Baumgarten, The Ultimate Life Company

“Debi Silber,  I am so grateful for your partnership in our Mom’s Night Out event! Your presentation left over 150 moms empowered and optimistic for what is to come. Feeling so blessed to have met you, and to have your continued support.”

Geanine Petraglia, Bronx, NY

“Debi, thank you, a great event! We are receiving great feedback.”

 Lauren Lian  Major Account Consultant, PSEG Long Island

“I have to say that you showed so much life and motivation as a speaker at the event! Wow, was how I put it when I told my son about you and some of the things you had gone through and how you are now. Truly amazing!”

Margie Friedman, NY

“Debi Silber is awesome! Her presentation was so clear and effective. I felt empowered to go out and live my own dream! Thank you for your own inspirational story too.”

Teresa, Massachusetts

“Debi Silber is ‘all the good things wrapped up in one’. She’s a fountain of helpful and healthful information, a true professional, a generous support and a sweetheart! Debi was Women’s Advancement Compact’s (WAC) first podcast guest. Not only was Debi a magnificent speaker, but also she guided me, as this was truly my first foray into the podcast world. I’ll always be grateful for having met Debi, and look forward to helping people live richer lives because of our mutual interests in health and wellbeing. “

Deborah Goldstein, Women’s Advancement Compact’s (WAC)

“You are an amazing woman, an energetic and inspiring speaker and a pure delight to work with!”

Wendy Capland, CEO, Vision Quest Consulting

“Debi Silber has that raw magnetism, razor sharp focus, blazing energy and rare authenticity in making your best self her business, her passion and her mission in life.”

Wendy R, Canada

“Debi Silber has created a simple system to improve your body, mind, image and lifestyle. More companies and individuals need to ‘get their mojo back’ and Debi can help!”

Marshall Goldsmith is the New York Times and million-copy bestselling author of MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“Thank you again for sharing your time, expertise, and experiences with our National Wellness Institute members via your webinar presentation. Your message was extremely well received! You truly gave people a new way of thinking about things and provided an innovative approach for facing unexpected crises in life. Thank you for all you do!”

Trina Laube

National Wellness Institute

“Debi was a natural and perfect fit for my Women’s Wellness Conference. She captivated the audience by connecting with them on a deeply personal level. I could see how her clear-cut insight on rising above betrayal left them inspired to take action towards their own personal transformation.”

Wendy Bonilla

Own Your Wellness Women’s Conference 

In the short time we had together, Debi was able to create an authentic connection with each woman present in her session. She seamlessly communicated her message, fielded questions, and left women empowered to continue working toward healing and self-discovery.

Kelly P. Boutin

Assistant Director, PwC Center for Diversity & Inclusion, Hochberg Women's Center, Coordinator,Bryant University

“You are a true professional and a pleasure to work with. We will definitely keep you in mind for future speaking opportunities.”
-Stephanie Piimauna, Executive Director of Diversity & Inclusion Programs, MGM Resorts International

Loved your talk! Thank you for the insights and would love a copy of your book. Your energy is inspiring!

Kimberly, Las Vegas

Thanks Dr. for the amazing presentation. You have helped me to start working towards transforming the way I think and feel about betrayal

Cecilia, Las Vegas

 Loved your session. Just went through horrific betrayal a month ago. Changed my life completely. Your session helped me, really hit home. Thank you.

Maria, Las Vegas

Your talk was so inspirational! I recently went through a betrayal, and the house analogy inspired me.

Nicole, Las Vegas

I loved your analogies. Your energy spoke to me. Thank you.

Emma, Las Vegas

The session was outstanding. Thank you for your time and sharing your experience.

Thank you for speaking today. I’m currently in my own process of transformation, and I know this will just help me through this.

Melissa, Las Vegas

I was actually in the wrong room, and I’m so glad- amazing.

Gayle, Las Vegas

Really enjoyed your talk; it really hit home and make a lot of sense. I appreciate the “realness” of your talk! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say tomorrow.

Michelle, Las Vegas

I saw you present a few years ago at the Bryant University Women’s Summit in Rhode Island and you were great then, and now seeing you again, this presentation was just as fantastic. I received a lot of great takeaways. Looking forward to learning more!

Kimberly, Las Vegas

Thank you so much! This has been so helpful. I had the betrayal. I had the loss of my son- I really enjoyed this.

Carmen, Las Vegas

I like the no slides- had me truly focus on you and your works. Appreciated the 30 minutes after your speech for the FAQ section.

Dominique, Las Vegas

Excellent! Thank you! – Holly, Las Vegas, Nevada

Absolutely amazing! Thank you! – Tanya, Las Vegas, Nevada

Great talk. So much valuable info shared! – Shane, Las Vegas, Nevada

Great presentation! – Shanna, Las Vegas, Nevada

This really resonated with me. Thank you! – Ingrid, Las Vegas, Nevada

Excellent and engaging presentation! – Suzanne, Las Vegas, Nevada

Absolutely loved your speech! Jacque, Las Vegas, Nevada

Great words of wisdom, thank you! – Victoria, Las Vegas, Nevada

Such wisdom shared. So practical that it would be a purposeful and a destructive turnabout face to ignore what you shared. Powerful, thank you Debi! – Deborah, Las Vegas, Nevada

Beautiful. Amazingly insightful, thank you! – Amber, Las Vegas, Nevada

Great message. Thank you for sharing. Terri, Las Vegas, Nevada

Great talk! Awesome story teller! – Michelle, Las Vegas

Beautiful, amazingly insightful, thank you! – Amber, Las Vegas

Great message! Thank you for sharing! – Terri, Las Vegas