A Semi-Private 8 Week Group Coaching Program to Help You Prevent or Heal (Physically, Mentally and Emotionally) from a Life Crisis

If you’re looking to get unstuck, bounce back, look, feel and live better, this is the program for you!

From the desk of Dr. Debi Silber

A message from Dr. Debi:

My deepest passion is to help you live a life of meaning, passion and purpose and here’s what I know for sure:

  • When you’re numbing yourself through food, work, TV, drugs, alcohol or keeping busy you’re distracting yourself from who you’re truly meant to be.
  • When you’ve been thrown off track because of a life crisis: a divorce, disease, death of a loved one, betrayal, abuse, financial setback, etc. you’re reeling from your shock. Your life will never be the same but you want to find a way to feel safe and comfortable again from the new space you’re now in.
  • When you’re feeling overweight, overwhelmed, exhausted and stuck,it’s hard to know the first steps to take in order to create a plan that’ll have you seeing and feeling better ASAP.

I’ve had a thriving coaching practice for over 28 years and while I’d love to be able to coach everyone who’d benefit, being a business owner, a busy mom of 4 kids (and 6 dogs :)) writing a book and more, I’m unable to take on any more private clients.

That’s exactly why I developed an 8-week coaching program that I know you’ll love!

Is this for you?

  • You’ve experienced a life crisis: a divorce, death of a loved one, disease, abuse, betrayal, financial crisis, job loss, you’ve recently become an empty nester, or the role you’ve had and what’s been familiar has recently changed
  • You’ve been numbing yourself with food, drugs, alcohol, work, TV, keeping busy or any other distraction technique to prevent you from looking at what’s keeping you stuck and unhappy
  • You’re overwhelmed, exhausted and it’s taking its toll on how you look and feel
  • You’re overweight, unfit and can’t figure out how to create a simple plan that works
  • You’re striving to achieve work/life balance and feel you’re falling short
  • You’re doing it all, taking care of everyone and by the time it’s your turn, you have no time, energy or motivation left for your own self-care
  • You give freely and struggle with receiving (even though you need it)
  • You want to love fiercely but challenging past experiences had you put a wall up (that’s keeping out “the bad guys” but keeping out the good guys too)
  • You’re a great friend to others and could use that friendship yourself
  • You’re the glue holding together your family, company and community
  • You’re ready to take your needs seriously because it’s been about everyone else for as long as you can remember

I hear you!

The Details

Each week for 8 weeks, join me along with a minimum of 4 of your like-minded friends for a group training, coaching and Q&A session. With this program, you’re bringing together a group of people YOU want to grow with while taking advantage of the “mastermind effect” so you to catapult your results!

Think about it. A group of women ready to leave their corporate jobs to become entrepreneurs may want one type of coaching, while a group of moms in need of strategies for self-care because they’re raising special needs children require very different types of coaching. Yet, each group can have incredible results when they focus on the specific needs they are uniquely and currently facing.

Literally think of this as having a one-hour coaching call with me each week where I coach you on exactly what to focus on that week, give you examples so you’re not left with a million questions – all based on my own experience along with the thousands of clients I’ve worked with over the last 27+ years.

Training Topics —

  • Healing from Betrayal – physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Nutrition – breaking that sugar addiction, emotional eating, creating a healthy relationship with food
  • Fitness – discovering your unique “fitness personality”, fitness habits that work and last
  • Rewiring your mindset, changing your thoughts to change your life
  • Stress – how your stress creates aging, weight gain, illness, disease…and how to stop it
  • Relationships – how they’re good/bad for your health, how the people who hurt us the most are often our greatest teachers
  • Lifestyle – creating a lifestyle that supports your growth
  • Spirituality – creating a connection, daily practice around your unique style, tapping into inner guidance and wisdom
  • From breakdown to breakthrough – steps to transformation
  • Understanding betrayal trauma(trauma from a relationship) and how it impacts us physically, mentally and emotionally)
  • Posttraumatic growth – healing from your trauma with a renewed perspective and purpose
  • Post Betrayal Transformation –posttraumatic growth PLUS rebuilding aspects of the self hard hit by betrayal. How to literally bounce back better than ever because of that traumatic event
  • Discovering your passion and purpose
  • Maintaining momentum and next steps
Hit hard by divorce and challenging life circumstances, I called Debi when I was reeling from emotional entanglements, increasing dependency on cigarettes, racking myself with guilt about junk food, feeling like a fraud and a failure. I no longer wanted my victim story to continue and knew I was capable of many great things but low-self esteem and overwhelm had gotten the better of me. I’m still working my way through her 3-month program and will say that Debi cut through my bull with such precision in our first session that I cut out the cigarettes that very day. Since then, she’s helped me unravel emotional spirals with such efficiency that I’ve been able to start working on the driving force within me – to create a life I love, meaning, and abundance, making centered-based decisions from a place of self-love and purpose. With Debi’s expert help and encouragement, I’m finding a fun and creative way to get my own wellness transformation story out to the world, something that has eluded me for a decade. If you want to course correct your life in a way that gives you meaning and fulfillment – don’t be afraid just because of where you’re presently at. Call Debi. She’s the real deal.
In just 4 short weeks, Debi Silber transformed my life! I had brain fog, was struggling with weight gain and had personal fears about exercise due to an injury. I also discovered I had a severe gluten allergy. Now I’m thinking clearly and I’m a lot stronger than I thought…oh and down 11lbs! I also have an energy within myself that I haven’t felt in years. What I loved most about working with Debi, was her contagious energy, and that she truly wants everyone to live their best life. Thank you!
I can't even find the words to properly describe how instrumental you have been in helping me change my life. When I came to you I felt broken and defeated. I wanted to change my life, I just didn't know how or where to start. With your help I created Debra 2.0, the new and improved version of myself that I always dreamed I could be. For those who feel lost, beaten down or in despair, they owe it to themselves to call you. I'm so glad I did!
I owe Debi a big thank you. I went through an extremely difficult situation with my husband. After a year of counseling with no help I was tired of feeling weighted down, I knew I needed something more to help me become the best me and mother for my kids, and that’s when I found Debi. From our first session I left feeling the best I have felt in months. Debi has not only opened me up to eating clean and exercising, she has taught me how to change my thought process from negative to positive and go after my goals without letting my self-doubt getting in the way from succeeding. Debi has had a tremendous impact on my life, on some of the tough days I still hear Debi’s words and they still guide me to become the Ultimate me! I can’t thank you enough, I truly don’t know where I would be had I not met you.
We met 2 months ago today and WOW!!!! What a difference. 30 lbs lost, 5 lbs to go to reach my goal. I get comments daily about my weight Ioss, everyone wants to know what DIET I’m on, I laugh and tell them, no diet, just learned what food to eat, and I’m never hungry. Working with a wonderful person who has us eating and THINKING right, and its amazing!!!
When I reached out to Debi, I needed to create action steps toward my goals, and fast. Debi was amazingly efficient with our time together. No nonsense! Which is exactly what I needed. There is no way I would have accomplished so much progress, in such a short time, if I were not working with Debi! Which is why, I continue to work with Debi, because I know she can help me push through, to the next level and reach my ultimate goals! She is worth every penny!
Stacey McCarthy

If you’re tired of figuring it all out alone…
…and see the value in accessing more than 27 intensive years of my own experience as a:

  • Holistic Registered Dietitian
  • Master’s degree in Nutrition
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Whole Health Coach™
  • Two certifications in pre/postnatal fitness
  • Specialty recognition in weight loss and weight maintenance
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
  • A PhD in Transpersonal Psychology (the study and science of transformation and human potential)
  • Business owner with 4 kids, 6 dogs and married for over 28 years

…then this program is for you!

Bring together at least 4 of your like-minded friends and they’ll get access to this 8-week group coaching program for just $1,000 per person. For bringing together your hand picked group which will be hosted at The PBT Institute in Melville, NY, or we can all get together via video, you’ll receive the program at NO COST TO YOU!

If you’re like most of my clients you really only need a solid dose of direction, tools, strategy and support until they become healthy habits that are your new way to think, feel, act and react. Not only will I give you direction and the roadmap for executing but you’ll also get access to our Facebook group for ongoing support and interaction with me and our amazing community!

Whether you join me for this program or not, taking action is what separates the successful from those who are still chugging along trying to figure it out.

I am offering you a non-overwhleming, affordable training program that I believe in my heart will offer you the value and expertise you’re looking for to create the body, health, life and lifestyle you want most.

Dates and times for your coaching circle are based on a first come, first served basis so if it’s right for you, secure your circle, day and time to get started! (Available either at Debi’s PBT Institute in Melville, NY or via zoom video conferencing so we can all meet from wherever we are).

If you’re ready to take action and get the great bonuses too, then click the button below:

There will never be a time in your life where everything lines up perfectly to make the changes you need to create the life you want and deserve. It starts with a decision and the commitment to become your greatest self.

I can’t wait to support you. Please fill out the information below and we’ll be in touch ASAP!

Dr. Debi

P.S. Stop sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else succeed while you’re hoping and wishing things will change on their own. When you make a decision, then apply consistent strategic action towards what you want (with the right tools and support), before long you’re creating the life and lifestyle you want most.

P.P.S. I know you may be feeling sick, brokenhearted, broken and exhausted…but not for long. You won’t simply learn a few new strategies with me, you’re learning the best of everything that’s worked with the thousands of clients I’ve worked with over the last 27 years along with what’s worked for me personally. Join me for this all-inclusive, one of a kind opportunity.

Please reach out to me by filling out the form below so we can determine the best day and time that works for you and your hand-picked group of friends and accountability partners.