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Dr. Debi here with a message specifically for coaches, doctors, healers and therapists.

Betrayals keep us sick, sad and stuck. It’s not just the big betrayals either. It’s the micro-betrayals, the “it’s no big deal” betrayals and the self-betrayals. They affect every area of life-tainting everything that’s meant to be fulfilling and rewarding. Here are just a few areas an unhealed betrayal impacts:

It affects our relationships where we keep experiencing “repeat betrayals” because we haven’t learned the profound lesson the betrayal was able to teach. Or, our hearts were broken so we put a big wall up. Sure we’re keeping out the bad guys but we’re keeping out the good guys too.

We see it in health where people spend so much time, money and effort going to doctors, therapists, coaches and healers to manage stress related symptoms, illnesses, conditions and disease. At the root of all that stress? An unhealed betrayal.

We see it in business where someone wants to be a team player but they’re so afraid. The person they trusted the most proved untrustworthy. How can they trust a coworker or boss? Or, they want to ask for that raise or promotion. They deserve it but their confidence was shattered in that betrayal. So they don’t have the confidence to ask for the raise or promotion. They don’t ask, they’re bitter and resentful instead and that’s the energy they’re bringing to work with them every day.

It’s not our fault. Unfortunately, unless we learn that healing is a predictable process we set ourselves up for more of the same. Doing a PhD study on betrayal (what holds us back, what helps us heal and what happens to us physically, mentally and emotionally when those closest to us lie, cheat and deceive) led to 3 groundbreaking discoveries. I’ll be covering what was discovered along with how to help your clients/patients with a systematic approach to heal…once and for all.

Join me for a powerful conversation: What Your Clients Aren’t Telling You That’s Keeping Them Sick, Sad and Stuckspecifically for coaches, doctors, healers and therapists. Register here.

Dr. Debi

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